I recently produced a series where you can follow along as I share behind the scenes of How to Write ... How to Self-Publish ... and How to Launch a Bestselling Book in 2019... IN 90 DAYS

We're calling it "Self-Publishing Secrets" and I truly believe that watching it will give you the ideas, strategies, and motivation to finally write and launch your bestselling (and revenue-generating) book.  

This is MY JOURNEY to becoming a bestselling author - and you're invited to come along for the ride.

"This is the story of how I'm writing and publishing a BESTSELLING book in 90 days. Unedited, Unfiltered, and 100% REAL."

I'm Taylor, and I'm finally writing a book

My name is Taylor McArthur, and I’m part of a new group of authors that are publishing books differently than at any other time in history - and we're changing our lives and the lives of millions of others because of it.  

Well, I’m almost a part of that group of authors ...  

See, I’ve been saying I want to write a book for years, I’ve even started once, or twice ... or maybe 10 times, but something always gets it the way!  

Sometimes, great things - like the birth of my son, or a new career opportunity, or buying a house.  

Other times, hard things - like going through a divorce, having to sell that house, and having to start a whole new phase of life.  

But look, whatever the excuses have been, THEY STOP NOW. 

Tony Robbins, one of my favorite authors and speakers often says,  

“If you want to take the island, then you have to burn your boats.”  

 What he means is that until you commit 100%, until you stop giving yourself a way out of doing the thing you say you want to do - you will never succeed.  

I'm done making excuses. I'm going to write my book.

...and I'm Inviting you to come on this journey with me. 

See what it actually takes to burn the boats, to go all-in and to publish a bestselling book in 2019. 

This is my story, unedited, unfiltered, and 100% real - And maybe, just maybe, when you see me doing it, you’ll stop giving yourself permission to fail too…

Feeling Inspired to Write Your Book?

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Believe me, I know how hard it can be to actually take the first step in writing the book you've been dreaming about! But that's what you HAVE to do if it is ever going to become a reality.

Take the first step!

Let me help. I've set aside a small number of 1 hour slots throughout my week to talk directly to anyone who has watched this series and been inspired to actually start on their book. 

You can choose a time below that works for you and we'll do a deep dive into where you're at now, what your goals for your ook are, and how you can actually get it written and published now!

I promise you - if I can do this while going through a divorce, raising a three-year-old, working full-time, and selling my house... You can too!

Schedule today and let's finally make it happen.