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Every Day, A Self-Publishing School Student Publishes A Book.

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Patty Almond

Writing a book had been a 30 year dream in the making for Patty. She came across Self-Publishing School and found support from her coach and the SPS community to turn her dream into a reality.

Chris Webber

Chris struggled with self-doubt before writing his faith-based book. Having an experienced coach helped with marketing his book and sharing his story with the world.

Amy Twiggs

Amy was deciding between traditional and self-publishing. After deciding that she wanted to be in full control of her book, she took the self-publishing plunge and has never looked back!

Anita Oommen

Anita thought she would never have the time to write a book. She's a busy mom, has kids, and knows life can get in the way. She found the SPS program to be a highly organised and effective!

Joelle Casteix

The author and television personality who had failed at traditional publishing. She jumped into Self-Publishing school and in 90 days made her investment back many times over.

Shauna Collins

The non-typing, homeschooling mom with a learning disability who launched a #1 Best Seller the day it was released.

Eevi Jones

The children’s book author whose newest book was catapulted to Amazon’s bestselling list in multiple categories just days after its launch.

Michael Prywes

The attorney whose handbook for startups skyrocketed to #1 in it’s category, landing him alongside books by luminaries such as Guy Kawasaki, Ben Horowitz, and Mark Cuban.

Jeff Yalden

The youth motivational speaker and life coach who wrote his bestselling book in 70 days and has given his 25-year speaking career another level of credibility.

Ashley Emma

The fiction writer whose series has been featured on Fox, NBC, CBS, and whose latest book has brought in over $25,000 worth of business in the first four months.

Qat Wanders

The yoga teacher who was overwhelmed with the thought of writing a book until she found SPS. She added $30,000 to her income in the first month via leads from her book.

Jim Molinelli

The licensed residential architect and PhD whose book has earned him over $1,200 per month in royalties alone.

Lun Wang

The dentist who wondered “Would anyone want to read what I wrote?” and went from from blank page to bestselling published author in 3 months and 15 days.

Otakara Klettke

The mom whose book became a bestseller in 2 hours after the initial launch, and whose royalties have doubled her income.

Melissa Smith

The consultant whose best-selling book launch paid for the SPS course almost immediately and led to a $60k consulting job.

Susanna Seigler

The fiction writer who published her first book following the SPS blueprint whose first royalty check covered all her expenses, and still generates passive income today.