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What's covered in a call with one of our Publishing Consultants?

  • Get feedback on your book idea and get unstuck
  • Get tips on next steps to take to overcome roadblocks
  • Get expert advice on the publishing options available to you
  • Talk through what it takes to be successful
  • Receive valuable advice from a book publishing consultant
  • Get your questions about Self-Publishing School answered,
    and see how we can help you accelerate action on your book publishing goals.
  • You'll be one step closer to self-publishing your book!
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Every Day, A Self-Publishing School Author Publishes A Book.

Will You Be Next?

Qat Wanders

The yoga teacher who was overwhelmed with the thought of writing a book until she found SPS. She added $30,000 to her income in the first month via leads from her book and even inspired her daughter to write her book at 7 years old! 

Amanda Florczykowski

After thinking about writing a book for around 3 years, Amanda Florczykowski went from ""I Really Can't Do This"" to publishing her book (in less than 6 months). 

Jake Gunnoe

His first book launch didn't do as well as he expected: just 60 books sold and a profit of $15 from his launch. After joining Self-Publishing School his second launch had more than 1700 sales and he is now motivating teens to find direction in their lives all over the world!

Anita Oommen

She published her book and also set an example for her 2 children to do the same! Imagine how different their lives are going to be being a published author before even going in to high school?  

Barbara Condra

Writing a book is challenging. Hundreds of thousands of people start writing a book every year but never end up finishing.  

Barbara knew herself and her schedule enough to accept that she wouldn't become an author without the right coach!

Brent Chesney

Brent's coworkers probably felt confused after he had a bad experience with his boss.  

What they didn't know is that that same experience made Brent a published Author

Bill Soroka

After actually putting his hands on a self-published book that he thought was pretty good, the way that he felt about self-publishing completely changed and it opened a whole new world of possibilities!

Brianna Ruelas

After quitting her 9 to 5 to spend more time with the kids, Brianna wanted to write a book that could potentially become the business that she always dreamed of having.

Charles Rose

Charles Rose had a manuscript but wasn't sure about what to do next.  

After joining Self-Publishing School and publishing his book, he made money through royalties and speaking engagements - without promoting himself hard!

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