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So, You Want to Start a Book-Based Business?

From: Chandler Bolt, CEO of Self-Publishing School  

Where: Los Angeles, CA

Are you thinking about writing a book because you want to use it to launch a new business? 

Or even grow and scale a business you already run?  

Yes? Well, you should probably keep reading…  

I'm launching a BRAND NEW Free Training on :

"How To Add 6-Figures In Revenue To Your Business This Year By Publishing A Book" (By Using A Book To Double Your Leads, Sales & Referrals)  

We've figured you already know you need a book to be the category leader and crush competition - so we're digging deep into HOW to do it (without wasting a ton of unnecessary time)

Over the past couple of years I've been able to build Self-Publishing School to a $10M+ Book-Based Business by publishing 6 books - and I'll be sharing how we did that with you on this training!

Here’s the thing, when I was first starting out my business I noticed one thing in common for all of the most successful entrepreneurs I've met… they had all written a book.

It's not that they were just more talented and smarter. The book set them way aside from their competition.  

I've never seen any entrepreneur that's the best in their category, industry or practice - that hasn't published a book. It's what sets the good apart from the great.  

So that's what I put my focus on in the early days... and it worked! 

Here I am 6 bestselling books later, after growing Self-Publishing School to over $16MM in revenue and serve over 5,000 students in under 5 years. 

And now, I'm opening up everything that I've learned with you.


Writing and launching a bestselling book is the best strategy to grow a successful business in today's market.

It's time for you to use a book to your advantage and change your life. 

Register for the training now, you won't regret it.

- Chandler Bolt

Join These & Other Successful, Published Authors Who Took Action & Changed Their Lives

Lance went From Coaching 1 on 1, to 1 to MANY!

Lance Knaub made the transition from a business owner and Physical Therapist to becoming a coach – and there’s no better way to have a book as a business card! Watch the video below to learn more about how he published his book.

SPS Scott Groves Client Testimonial w_Chandler from Self-Publishing School on Vimeo.

Scott Groves Made $100k After Publishing

Since publishing his book he poured "lighter fluid" into his coaching and consulting business - generating more than $100,000 in revenue from speaking and consulting sales!  

He says that a book is the best business card you could have (it costs $3 and there's no better credibility)

Ready To Learn How These Authors Did It?